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You are infinite potential, and possibilities are endless, when working within the Quantum Field. This 8-week course is designed to walk you, step-by-step, back to your true essence. The place where healing and transformation occurs, effortlessly and naturally, shifting your reality in miraculous ways.   

  • Reset your nervous system to allow your body¬†to do what it's designed to do best....HEAL!
  • Learn how to reach and maintain a state of coherence, necessary for conscious creation/generation, health, abundance and freedom.
  • Learn how to work with the unified field, in harmony, to attract your desires and transform your life.¬†¬†
  • Shift your¬†life¬†to your most optimal timeline to experience and witness the truth of who you really are.


Heal. Transform. Step into your new life. 

Changing the Brain

Laying the groundwork, we will rewire new neurological pathways as you learn the relationship between scientific principles and universal laws, brain & heart coherence, how the energy body effects the physical body, wave vs. particle, the quantum mechanics on manifestation, nervous system repair and side effects of stress and overstimulation, the electromagnetic field, & much more, giving you a broader understanding on energetics, i.e., how your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions, directly effect your health and the way you experience reality. 

Changing Chemistry

We will begin applying the material from week one to change the chemistry within the brain and body. Through a combination of breath work, guided meditations to enter brain & heart coherence, energy manipulation/movement using focused attention, and activation of the energy centers, we will work to reset the entire nervous system to not only prepare the mind/body for reprogramming but to bring the body into homeostasis so that overall healing can occur. This week will focus on initiating harmony within mind/body/spirit complex.

Overcoming the Self Pt.1 (Observation)

This week will be the start of getting back into the "driver's seat," of your operating system, which runs on autopilot at least 95% of the time. Part 1 is dedicated to observing the self, to become conscious of, and familiar with, your current programming is the first step to reprogramming it. Observing your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, beliefs, and habits of your current self, we will practice bringing the body back to the present. Assisted through journal prompts, and guided meditations, you will learn how to overcome the self.

Overcoming the Self Pt.2 (Letting Go)

This week, we begin letting go of the old self. Part 2 is all about detaching from old stories, thoughts, beliefs, old habits, and emotions that have kept you stuck, repeating the same patterns. Letting go of the information of the past, to generate a new future. Letting go is a form of overcoming the self. To let go of the known familiar past, and to step into the unknown of your desired future. It is impossible to create something new as the old self. This week we clear out the old, to begin becoming someone new. 

The Return to Source  (Return to Self)

After clearing out all the illusions of the false self, you are left with the true essence of you. You will be guided through meditation to connect with this essence, the Source of love, wholeness, and all creation. This week, you will dive deeper, to get to know yourself as this Divine essence, feeling the unconditional love for yourself and all of those around you. The state of knowing who you are without all of the conditioning of the old self is the most rewarding and transformational processes you can encounter. No other words can be said to set you up for the direct experience and actual knowing of this part of you. 

Feel the Change

By this week, you should be feeling the changes occurring within your entire being. We will spend time getting clearer, and connecting, with your intentions. Continuing to apply the material from week one, we practice working directly with the unified field, allowing natural forces to work with and through you, as you feel the changes take place. This is the week that you practice being, rather than doing. In a state of Oneness with all, with a more coherent brain & heart, feeling blissful, regardless of outside circumstance. You will notice how much easier it is to do this now, at this point of the course. This is the creation state. 

Select from the Quantum

It is time to apply your clear intention, and to bring it into the third dimension. Everything will be clearer to you by this week as you work directly with Universal Laws to generate your future self. Having a clearer understanding on the how and the why, you will know what is needed from you at this point, to allow your future to show itself to you. By joining in with the flow, instead of working against it, you can rest much easier, enjoining the ride as you go. This weeks modules will be extra supportive for you, as you say goodbye to the old self, to completely walk through to the new. By this point you will have all you need, to allow it to happen. 

Step into Your New Reality

You will be ready to live here in your new reality as the world around you begins to reshape itself to match your new elevated vibrations. You have been given the knowledge, tools, support, and have been shown your direct link to your true nature, your true self.  Everything you will ever need, or will ever want, is already yours. With this knowledge, and the steps in this course, you will easily and effortlessly live your life in union with the Divine, as your life transforms each and every day. Heaven on Earth is already here, now you can more easily attune to experience it for yourself. Welcome to your new life.  

Returning to Coherence, Harmony, and Unity.

Meet Your Guide

Tiffany D'Elia

Healing Facilitator, Teacher & Guide of Quantum Energetics

Founder of Evlove, a community Energetically Vibrating Love in union, for the healing, growth, and evolution of the individual, and all of humanity. Guiding you inward, to your Divine nature, where the healing and all transformation of life occurs. 

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This course is available with or without live calls

The structure of this course is carefully designed in a way that allows for integration between lessons. Therefore, weekly modules will be released, week by week, over a period of 8 weeks, with daily lessons and integration practices. Live calls are optional and will take place every two weeks. If you choose the option with live calls, you will have the ability to schedule your 90 min call with me at the end of the second, fourth, sixth, and eighth week. At this time, calls will remain one on one for as long as my availability allows, then in which case, all live calls will be done in groups. (Which I find to be extremely powerful!)

Course Only


8-week Course without Live Calls

  • Weekly Pre-Recorded Modules¬†
  • ¬†Daily Guided Meditations
  • Breath Work and Other Integration Practices
  • Lifelong Community Support and Access


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Course + LIVE Calls


8-week Course + Live Calls

  • Weekly Pre-Recorded Modules¬†
  • ¬†Daily Guided Meditations
  • Breath Work and Other Integration Practices
  • Lifelong Community Support and Access
  • A Total of 4 Live Calls (at least 90 min each)
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 Imprisoned in my own suffering, with nowhere else to turn, I turned within. That's where I discovered the reason for suffering came from my illusions of the self. It was in the Letting Go of the illusions that I found my true Self,  returning to the the source of wholeness. The place where it's impossible to feel separate, or to want anything, because you already have it all. It's the realization of this, that transforms your reality to experience all desires of your heart. 










Tiffany D'Elia

Founder of EVLOVE