Born in Wise, Virginia on November 13, 1981, as Tiffany Danielle Gibson, my life began in a small hospital room, where my young parents welcomed me. After a few early years in Kentucky, my mother and I moved to North Carolina when I was about 3 years old, while my father remained in Kentucky. Growing up in North Carolina with my mother, step-father, and two younger siblings, I was immersed in the world of the United Pentecostal Church.

While my faith and love for God remained strong, I also held a deep fascination with metaphysical teachings passed down by my grandparents. Both were Reiki Masters, and they introduced me to the art of quantum energy healing and Metaphysics when I was just 8 years old. My grandmother, a talented psychic medium and mystic, identified as a Rosicrucian. We were close, as my grandparents lived next door for most of my childhood, and their beliefs gradually became a part of my own.

At the age of 18, I left home to explore life on my terms. However, it wasn't until I turned 37 that all the wisdom and knowledge from my grandparents seamlessly blended with my church upbringing. The impact of this fusion on my life has been profound, to say the least, opening me up to experience God in profoundly expansive and unexpected ways.


❝You are not defined by circumstance, fate, or even genetics, as you might believe. You hold the power of command, irrespective of your past and your current conditions. You possess the ability to transform any facet of your life by reshaping the world within you, ultimately manifesting a brighter external reality.❞

~Tiffany D'Elia


Growing up, I faced various challenges, but the one that had the most profound impact was the years of enduring sexual abuse that continued until my early twenties. Many of my early relationships were unhealthy, and back then, I mistakenly believed that's just how relationships were meant to be. I became a mother for the first time at the age of 20, and seven years later, I welcomed another child into my life. Financial struggles were a constant presence, and I, erroneously, accepted this as the norm.

Then, in 2012...

As I was nearing the end of nursing school, my body suddenly gave way. My nervous system came under relentless attack. While doctors recognized it as an autoimmune disease, it took years to identify the specific condition. There were times when I couldn't stay awake, and I would awaken in unexpected places, including the hospital where I worked. Forming words became a challenge, and brain fog was so overwhelming that I couldn't recall most of my days. Simple tasks like driving, lifting, walking, standing, or any activities requiring energy became increasingly difficult.

The year of 2012, was when I was first prescribed oxycodone for the pain, and a few months later, I was prescribed fentanyl patches. I was also being injected with other medications and treated for all sorts of other things. A couple of years later, thinking my body was beginning to calm down, the medications were only temporarily suppressing the symptoms. 




Following the birth of two more children from 2014-2016, I went into a full blown downward spiral that not only inflicted physical suffering but also took a severe toll on my mental well-being. Diagnosed with Lupus in 2017 and placed on full disability, I struggled hard. The pain was so intense that I lost all desire to fight. Having relied on fentanyl and oxycodone for seven long years, my body had become entirely dependent on pain medications, but they had reached a point where they could no longer alleviate my pain. By late 2018, I had reached a breaking point, contemplating the unthinkable. Living this way no longer seemed bearable, and it felt like I had no other choice. However, one night, something within me shifted. I came to a realization — I had tried everything external, explored all available options, but I had never turned inward. With a conscious effort to direct my focus inward, something remarkable began to happen. I started seeing things differently. I began feeling in new ways. I even started receiving messages and Divine guidance from within.

Then, in what some might describe as a mystical experience, a profound awakening washed over me. I suddenly remembered and became acutely aware of my true self, forging a direct connection with higher realms beyond the limitations of my prior self-perception. As I embraced and followed this intuitive guidance, the healing process began.

In 2019, I began writing a new story.

By April 2020, my reality underwent a huge transformation in every facet of my life – from my home and health to my relationships and finances. Every aspect had expanded beyond what I once knew. I was living a life free from the grip of Lupus, and I was experiencing a level of abundance I had never known before. I made the remarkable decision to cease all medications, having been fully healed of all illnesses. I embraced life in a beautiful new home, took the leap to become a full-time business owner, and found myself brimming with more joy and fulfillment than ever before.

And all it took was a shift in consciousness.

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