Designing Your Life in the World of Imagination

Your current state of consciousness is creating and designing your life, whether you're aware of it or not. Learn how to consciously direct and design your life by shifting your state of consciousness, using the power of your imagination. This course material explains the metaphysics of reality, shining light on how our thoughts, feelings and actions create an illusionary world. Our outer world is a mirrored reflection of whats within... 

Discover your potential by emptying out all that you are not, and start designing the life you desire.

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The eBook Bundle

This Material Includes: 50p ebook, 66p work/study book, and a 'Pure Love' guided meditation
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  • A chance to open your heart and mind to receive other perspectives, ultimately shifting the way you perceive yourself and the world.
  • A fresh perspective on reality and how to shift yours, to live the life you desire.
  • Inward guidance to assist you toward a shift in consciousness.
  • Awareness of the limitations you have unconsciously placed upon yourself, and assistance in letting them go.
  • Techniques to assist in engaging your imagination to naturally shift in consciousness so that your desires effortlessly manifests.
  • Learn how to transform your current reality to one that includes health, love, and abundance.
  • Initiate self realization by beginning a habit of observation, deep reflection and self awareness. A point in which all things originate and derive.

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As your concepts and perceptions change, your outer world begins to inevitably reflect these changes.

                                Learn how and why
I am ready

Tiffany D'Elia

A Quantum Healing Facilitator, Teacher & Guide of Quantum Energetics for effortless manifestation & reality shifts. Leading you back into your heart; to your Divine nature for your soul's evolution and the transformation of your mind, body, and life. Guiding you to Unity Consciousness, that of Pure Love. READ TIFFANY'S BIO.


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eBook Bundle

Designing Your Life in the World of Imagination


  • The 50 page eBook
  • The 66 page Work/Study Book
  • Bonus Guided Meditation Included
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